All As One 萬物如一


The mural is inspired by the traditional decorative art form of cloisonné, which was at its artistic peak during the Jingtai reign in the Ming Dynasty, when vibrant cobalt blue was used as the predominant color on enamel. 

This artistic expression is a collaboration of artists and the local community with the goal of bridging different cultures together. The flora selected includes distinctive and symbolic flowers from the Chinese culture and native plants to Chicago. The Chinese cultural aspect is represented by the “Four Gentlemen”, which also symbolizes the four seasons and various moral characters--the orchid (spring, for grace and humility), the bamboo (summer, for tolerance and integrity), chrysanthemum (autumn, for elegance and purity), and the plum blossom (winter, for strength in adversity). Some of the native plants include ginkgo, prairie drop grass, thistle and bee balm. 

As depicted, the elements in the mural embrace differences, similarities, and togetherness. 

Lead Artists: Andy Bellomo, Chester Chow and Anna Murphy @AndyBMix, @AnnaPmurphy @sifuchow 

Medium: acrylic paint, gold leafi­ng 

Commissioned by: Ping Tom Memorial Park Advisory Council and Coalition for a Better Chinese American Community 

Sponsors: Chinatown Parking Corporation and Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust 

Supporters: State Representative Theresa Mah, Ozinga Foundation, Justice Laura Liu Scholarship Fund

Special Thanks: Alderman Daniel Solis, Chicago Park District, Chicago Dept. of Transportation and Dept. of Cultural Affairs and Special Events

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