Between the Mountains and the Water 山水之間

Between the Mountains and the Water.jpg

This mural is inspired by the beautiful and rich history of the Chinese silk landscape paintings, considered by many to be the highest form of painting. Striking and bold in its large scale, it gives a contemporary feel to an age-old tradition. The reflective gold background sparkles with light as the sun moves across its surface, breathing new life into every changing moment.

With a loving reverence for the natural world, this image is full of meaningful symbolism: the towering evergreen trees and elegant cranes are symbols of longevity; the flowers are symbols of purity and perseverance; and the birds are symbols of change and togetherness.

According to the Analects, a benevolent person finds pleasure with the quiet mountains and a wise person finds pleasure with lively waters. We may surely enjoy both the mountains and the waters. And between them, there is always the balance of movements and stability. 

It is the artist's hope that this mural will be a reminder to its viewers of the serene and tranquil enjoyment nature provides for us.

Lead Artist: Anna Murphy @annapmurphy

 Medium: acrylic paint

 Commissioned by: Ping Tom Memorial Park Advisory Council and Coalition for a Better Chinese American Community

Major funding from The Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust    

Special Thanks: Chester Chow, Chicago Park District and Chicago Dept. of Transportation 

September 7, 2019 © 2019

壁畫的靈感來自優美的、歷史悠久、獲譽為至高境界的、傳統的中國絲綢山水畫作。由於牆壁龐大,畫面引人注目、大膽驚人 ;而且令到一個久遠的傳統增添了時代氣息。當陽光在畫面徐徐移動,那閃亮的金光背景,在每個更變的時刻,也注入了新生命。